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Column: The Mirage of Biden Unifying America


Of all of the preposterous strains the Democrat-media complicated may utter within the waning days of this election, essentially the most preposterous is {that a} Biden victory may unify the nation.

Consider Biden’s conference speech. “I’ll draw on the very best of us, not the worst. I shall be an ally of the sunshine, not of the darkness,” he mentioned. “United we are able to, and can, overcome this season of darkness in America.”

Liberals are the “mild.” Trump and his voters are the “darkness.” Does that sound like a beneficiant approach to unite us?

Everybody is aware of Trump thrives on dividing folks. However politics is a sport of division, and Democrats thrive on accusing all Republicans – together with these average and well mannered Bushes – of racism. Trump made the rhetoric harsher on immigration, and on police controversies, however the Democrats have been dividers on race and sophistication lengthy earlier than he got here on the political scene.

The media suppress any picture of Biden being a divider. In 2012, they rushed to de-emphasize he informed black voters that the Republicans “need y’all in chains.” On this marketing campaign, Biden urged a black one that couldn’t determine whether or not or to not vote for him “ain’t black.”

But it surely’s not simply Biden. The peddlers of “systemic racism” accusations recommend white People can by no means escape the cost of racism with out a large restructuring of America. Each white American with a conscience ought to manage seminars to acknowledge their very own guilt for 400 years of oppression and make reparations, even should you’re 22 years outdated.  

The Democrats have pushed to defund the police and resisted the decision to sentence the anarchy of looters and rioters. You’ll be able to by no means rebut them with the truth that the main violent killers of blacks are different blacks, not the police. 

However just one facet is outwardly “divisive,” or main a “tradition warfare.”         

The Democrats and their journalistic enablers have the dangerous mental behavior of assuming that democracy is just really functioning accurately when Democrats maintain all of the levers of energy, and that nationwide unity is finest restored when they’re dominating Washington. However did we have now unity in 2009, with President Obama and a Democratic Congress?

No. However the “Resistance” then was scorned as raining on the wonderful Obama parade. The media trashed Rush Limbaugh for saying he hoped Obama failed – at putting in his leftist agenda. Tina Brown, then the queen of the rotting Newsweek empire, disparaged Limbaugh as “the dangerous fairy at Sleeping Magnificence’s christening,” the person who symbolized “this large discord and poisonous environment in politics.”

If President Biden is inaugurated, resistance will once more be “poisonous,” and protesting the president will return to the class of “hate speech.”

At the very least in public, the media usually attempt to suppress the divisions inside the Democrats, however it can’t be ignored. Biden insists he doesn’t appear to be a socialist, however he’s surrounded by socialists who plot out loud about eager to ban non-public medical health insurance, finish fossil fuels, and punish airline journey and different climate-destroying actions.

Biden insists he’s a “religious Catholic,” however his radical base needs to make taxpayers fund abortions, and make church buildings bow to each LGBT demand, and oh, these white statues of Jesus are racist, and Shaun King insists they need to be torn down.

Nationwide unity isn’t coming. A thriving democracy is usually contentious. If both a Democrat or a Republican politician’s overriding purpose was nationwide unity, they’d in all probability run badly afoul of their very own most energetic supporters. The media shouldn’t flunk Political Science and suggest that voting towards Trump would finish all divisiveness. That’s merely not true


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